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Gemini Season Has The Best Timing

Welcome to Gemini season! There’s never been a better time for the mutable air sign. With rising confidence in nationwide vaccination efforts, more folks are ditching their quarantine habits for new social plans. Brunch has never looked brighter. The sun has entered the communicative twin sign just in time to energize this mass rejoining. Get ready for old friends and new connections. Big change is coming. Avoid the impulse to push yourself beyond your capacity to engage. Communication with others is key, but your ability to listen to yourself is just as important.

Gemini is your classic life-of-the-party social butterfly. The twin sign thrives on the social scene and they’re compelling all of us to get on out. Everyone is filling their emotional tanks for a once-in-a-lifetime social tour. Start your engines. The reunions are upon us. But it’s not all rekindling your long-time relationships. Air signs are known for their love of all things new and Gemini is no different. Ditch the standard small talk and get straight to knowing someone on a deeper level. Gemini’s gift of gab will help you through any awkwardness when chatting up a new connection.

Gemini gets a bad rap for being two-faced or fake. This really is just a misinterpretation of the twin signs’ ability to see things from two different sides. The analytical sign is moved by genuine fascination and isn’t going to humor someone or something they have no interest in. Gemini season will have us all moving toward burgeoning interests and exploring new ground. Follow your impulses. It’s amazing what new discoveries can be made in your own backyard. Don’t have the time or energy for a full vacay? Take a day trip and be prepared to learn a little more about yourself along the way.

What’s the story, Morning Glory? Catching up with old friends is always going to come with a side of juicy gossip and spilled tea. Named after the fleet-footed messenger god, ruling planet Mercury drives Gemini’s desire to acquire and spread information. This can be a great thing, especially when it comes to sharing information regarding public health. However, this trait can turn dangerous when misinformation or gossip enters the lines of communication. Think about the impact of what you share before you start a Bye Bye Birdie-inspired telephone hour.

Gemini season will also include a Mercury retrograde from May 29 to June 22 in the sign Gemini. The added impact of Gemini’s planetary ruler in retrograde will likely cause some confusion. Make sure that communication is clear to avoid any damaging misinterpretation. Reentering society after over a year in isolation is going to have everyone feeling extra vulnerable, which also means extra defensive. Approach social interactions with empathy and grace. Kind communication is the way forward through what will be a difficult retrograde.

Researched and Written by Sierra Carlson for ilios.

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