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The Full Moon on March 28 Brings Peace

If you’ve been feeling a bit off-kilter lately, don’t fret. The full moon in Libra this Sunday will even out the scales. Libra is all about balance and the moon will perform a spectacular balancing act on March 28. Libra and Aries are opposite signs of the zodiac, which will be on full display when the Libra moon opposes an Aries sun. A dramatic opposition aspect with Venus only adds to the intensity when Libra’s ruling planet conjuncts with the sun in Aries. All signs will feel this celestial counterpoint.

As the peacekeepers of the zodiac, Librans are known for creating order in chaos. We could all use a chance to organize our spaces and thoughts. The full moon on Sunday is just the opportunity you have been waiting for. Declutter your surroundings and opt for a zen environment. Dim the lights a little, pull back the curtains, open a window, and let the light shine in. The Libra full moon will breeze through fiery Aries, offering a moment of calm. A moment to breathe. Allow the overflowing lunar energy to wash over you and enjoy a moment of peace.

Where Aries is focused on the self, Libra is focused on the other. Notorious people-pleasers, Librans invest in their relationships for better or worse. Take this full moon to celebrate the relationships that have made this year possible. No one can survive this world alone. Whether you’ve been quarantining with family or roommates, find a way to rejoice in each other. This is also a prime moment to review your relationships in a new light, making it easy to notice red flags that have been flying under the radar. You only have time to nurture the relationships that are feeding you in return.

Venus appears on Sunday to emphasize love, desire, art, and culture. Enjoy the beauty all around you under the full moon. Lunar rituals aren’t supposed to be work. Have fun with aesthetics. Play around and create. Ruled by Venus, Librans are passionate curators with a deep love for music. Create a playlist that brings you joy. Fill it with songs that remind you of the people you love, especially if you can’t be with them in-person. Revel in memories and share a playlist link if you can’t share space.

Whatever you do this Sunday, make sure you practice sincerity, with others and with yourself. Finding balance doesn’t come easily, but the job will certainly be more manageable if you go into it with an open heart. I myself have been working from home for over a year, so finding a reasonable work/life balance has been a constant struggle. The full moon will help charge the 28th with even keel. Be honest with yourself to uncover exactly what you need.

Researched and Written by Sierra Carlson for ilios.

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