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The Venus Star Point is Here, Are You Ready?

In just a few days, Venus and the Sun will connect in the same sign, forming what is known as the Venus Star Point. This celestial event occurs once every 10-12 months and signifies a major turning point or life event. The Venus Star Point in Aries will take place on March 26 and happens to fall just after the Astrological New Year. Whatever change comes your way, embrace it with open arms.

The Venus Star Point is a significant moment of transition for the planet of desire. At this time, Venus will switch from Morning Star to Evening Star. Venus alternates between these two phases of being each time she conjuncts with the sun. The Ancient Mesopotamians named her Ishtar, meaning “bright star.” This is likely due to the fact that Venus shines bright enough to been seen with the naked eye. She is now visible as the Morning Star at dawn, but will soon be visible as the Evening Star at dusk. Venus in Aries will appear as a brilliant spot of light just before darkness.

Venus will conjunction with the Sun in Aries, bringing about a major change for and in one’s self. Aries is aligned with the first house of self, so this is where we can expect the Venus Star Point to work its magic. The house of self relates to your external presentation, how you appear to the world, and the impressions you leave with others. Prepare for the world to see you a little differently. Your first house associations are represented in your rising sign. Look here to learn how to take advantage of the Venus Star Point and embrace this moment of change. It’s time to get familiar with your rising sign.

We can also expect the Venus Star Point to usher in new love. She is the planet of desire after all. If you’ve experienced longing, now is the time to act. Ask out that crush, be bold on the dating app, rekindle lost passions. This is one of the best days for love and it just so happens to fall on a Friday. Date night! Whether you go out or stay in, you’re sure to have a night to remember.

Venus is also a champion of femininity, so celebrate yours and whatever that means to you. Feminine energy is a powerful force and it will be amplified at this moment of conjunction. Let her empower you so you can go empower others. Associated with money and style, Venus wants you to strut! Buy something new that makes you look and feel unstoppable. This is a moment of change for your external presentation and that includes the way you dress. Ditch the quarantine uniform of an old t-shirt and sweatpants for something with sparkle in the spirit of our brightest star (but actually a planet).

Researched and Written by Sierra Carlson for ilios.

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