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Best Elemental Match for Every Kind of Pisces

Pisces are true romantics who enter new relationships with an open heart and high expectations. Someone with prominent Pisces energy in their chart can give so much to a partner, but above all else they’re FUN! So, what signs are the best matches for a Pisces?

Let’s look to the elements for an answer. The four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) categorize the signs, with three signs per element. These associations provide insight into a sign’s overall vibe. Extremely important when it comes to new relationships. What do the elements tell us about Pisces? As a water sign, Pisces are intuitive and empathetic.

By using the elements as a starting point, we can better identify which of the corresponding signs is the best match for a Pisces!


Simply put, Sagittarius is adventurous, smart, and fun-loving. Got a wild idea and need someone to tag along? Sagittarius is down to clown! It’s easy to be enamored by their brilliance and will keep easily bored Pisces entertained. Your imagination paired with their intellect and positive attitude make for a truly unstoppable force. Get inspired with a Sagittarius for an authentically joyful experience. Honesty is the best policy with Sagittarius. That trust can go a long way, Pisces. Be kind and don’t take advantage of a good thing. That said, Sagittarius is best suited for a fast-moving fling. Even if it isn’t a forever romance, you can still count on finding a forever friend in Sagittarius.


Sturdy earth signs may be a difficult match for a fluid water sign on paper, but an organized Capricorn can offer the structure that Pisces is missing. Are you the fashionably late type? Well, Capricorn is right on schedule and will make sure you are too. This is a classic example of “opposites attract.” A Pisces who has been burned in love before will find comfort in a Capricorn. They are famously steadfast and supportive partners. Notorious hard workers, Capricorns take life very seriously and could benefit from a Pisces who encourages others to break out of their comfort zones. That’s the beauty of balanced compatibility! Just be sure you’re ready to commit if you find yourself falling for a Capricorn. Remember Pisces, it’s possible to settle down without settling.


Libra is all about love and pleasure. I’m talking candlelight, music, fine wine. Get excited, Pisces. With Venus as their ruling planet, Leo is also a romantic at heart. Skilled in the art of compromise, Leo is easygoing and looks to understand all sides of an argument, meaning they can easily navigate those hothead moments of yours. This balanced approach can come off as indecisive which supports a Pisces who knows what they want. Capricorns prioritize their relationships; perfect for a Pisces that demands dedication. Be aware that they might not be ready for space when you need it, Pisces, so be sure to communicate and appeal to their logical judgment. Be upfront if you’re not ready for anything serious.


That’s right, Pisces, look for a good time with a like mind. Pisces partnerships are an explosive force. You feed off each other’s imagination like jazz. Your go-with-the-flow vibe offers infinite space for improvisation, and if the positive energy is grooving you two are certain to make some sweet music. The inherent empathy you offer to others, but find difficult to offer yourself, can be reflected in a partner who does the same. This way you both receive the attention and care you put out. Be warned; you’re similarities can also come back to bite you. Your fierce temper will only fan the flames if there is an argument. Learn how to listen even in anger and you two will make it safely back to calm waters.

Researched and Written by Sierra Carlson for ilios.

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