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Best Elemental Match for Every Kind of Aquarius

Aquarians might be made for pandemic dating. Enamored by intelligent conversations, people with a strong Aquarius presence in their chart are open to finding connections from a distance. Many likely dove headfirst into this new dating scene, but even the eager can benefit from a little guidance. So, what signs are the best matches for an Aquarius?

Let’s look to the elements for an answer. The four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) categorize the signs, with three signs per element. These associations provide insight into a sign’s overall vibe. Extremely important when it comes to new relationships. What do the elements tell us about Aquarius? As an air sign, Aquarians are thoughtful and appreciate open space.

By using the elements as a starting point, we can better identify which of the corresponding signs is the best match for an Aquarius!


An Aquarius who prioritized their social network will find a great partner in a Leo. Whether romantic, familial, or platonic, both Aquarians and Leos find comfort in well-nurtured relationships. Dedicated to their pack, Leo is ready to invite you into their world and knows how to make newcomers feel included. Their warm and loving nature provides a welcome balance for an Aquarian that has difficulty showing their true emotions. Leos are able to shower you with love and offer support when you didn’t even know you needed it. Just be sure you’re ready to receive the gifts that Leo is eager to bestow.


Slow to jump into anything, a Taurus may be the perfect match for an Aquarian who’s not looking for something serious right away. Patient and stable, this earth sign provides a relaxing balance for an energetic Aquarius. Just know it might take a little more work to get a cozy Taurus out of their comfort zone. Connected to the natural world, join Taurus for a social distanced stroll at a local park for a first date that helps forge a connection away from your screens. Plus, if you’re hungry a Taurus most definitely knows a delicious spot nearby with excellent eats.


Chat up a Gemini for stimulating conversation and an almost instant connection. Also an air sign, it won’t take long for an Aquarian and Gemini to click! The chill energy makes for a fun-loving pair and the two will find it hard to run out of things to talk about. Both signs are known for their logical approach to life, but this can easily become a double-edged sword if you’re not careful. Difficulty empathizing with emotions can sometimes come off as cold or detached. If things are cooling down, it's easy to spice things back up with an engaging activity that gets you both thinking.


Water signs are ruled by emotions and are the most different from Air signs. A Scorpio looking for a lasting commitment might spell disaster for an independent Aquarius. If that Scorpio is trusting and doesn’t try to “lockdown” their Aquarian partner, this could be the most fruitful balancing act for the logical air sign. An energetic opposite can bring to light parts of yourself you didn’t know were there. This could be game-changing for an Aquarius that finds it hard to express themselves. Also, let’s be real, this might awaken something new in the bedroom as well...

Researched and Written by Sierra Carlson for ilios.

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